Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Reading is a real challenge!

Learning to be a confident READER. Have you stopped to think about all the cognitive and linguistic skills it takes for everyone to do this ?
Have you stopped to break down all the parts that have to align to make us into capable confident readers?

Let me list some components of a skilled reader. 

  • phonological awareness
  • word recognition processes 
  • vocabulary
  • syntax
  • decoding accuracy
  • learning to read, children start out acquiring elementary decoding skills and learn to apply these with greater accuracy and speed.
  • comprehension processes
  • concepts about print
  • spatial awareness
  • cognitive performance
  • fluency
  • visual modality 

In addition to these:
 attention, perception and working memory are extremely important aspects of information processing and significant in children’s reading development.

If we could assess these different components and see where our students have specific difficulties could we then provide more support for their specific learning needs? 
Do we currently digging deep enough to help our learners?

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