Friday, May 5, 2017

Inquiry Model

I attended my first  Maniakalani COL teachers meeting on Thursday and was introduced to the Manaiakalani Inquiry framework for the first time. Well done to the team who collaborated on this.

At Sommerville  Special school we have been looking at the Spiral of Inquiry by Helen Timperley, Linda Kaser and Judy Halbert.
Graphic credit: Judy Halberg and Linda Kaser (2013)

These frameworks seem to blend together quite well.  I am currently in the 'LEARN' stage in the 'Learn Create Share', so moving through the scanning, focusing and developing a hunch in the spiral.
I found the TKI information on Teaching as inquiry very helpful - thanks for sharing Fiona Grant.

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  1. Hi Donna, when we first explored the connect between Learn Create Share and Teaching as Inquiry it was affirming. I suspect this reflects the strength of purpose and what we know about effective practice that has contributed to designing the frameworks. Well done on the set up of your blog and the initial posts you have shared to support your Inquiry focus. I am confident your inquiry will be a valuable resources across our CoL. ngā mihi nui,