Sunday, July 2, 2017

Scaffolding the learning.

This week I had the opportunity to visit Khismira Lal at Pt England School.
I was particularly interested in how Khismira offers additional support to her students, especially when they are working independently or in small groups without the teacher.

It was incredible to see the extensive planning and preparation that goes into Khismira's reading programme. I was very impressed with the thought gone into scaffolding the learning for her students when using the Ipad app Explain Everything.

I particular like the idea of adding sound bites to help the students with instructions.
Fabulous Idea !
What a great way of teaching Concepts about print.  I am keen to try this with some students next term.

Thanks Khismira - highly recommend spending some time in her classroom.


  1. This looks great - scaffolding is just what we have been discussing as a hub to cater for our students who need that extra support. Peeling back the layers until a scaffold is "just right" for that learner. We talked about how important it was for learners to feel success too as part of this - creating that balance of independence and instilling confidence - very timely. Think a visit to Pt England is in order! G

    1. Pt England is certainly worth a visit - Khismira has fabulous ideas and resources.

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