Saturday, July 8, 2017

What's your learning style ?

What's your learning style?

Each of us has a preferred way of learning. You may learn best visually, by listening, by reading and writing, or by doing.
This way of thinking about learning preferences is known as VARK:
• Visual images – you prefer learning material in a pictorial or graphic format
• Aural messages or the spoken word – you like to listen to lectures and discuss your work
• Reading and making notes – you learn best through reading and writing
• Kinaesthetic or active learning – you prefer to learn through practical activities
Some learners may show a strong preference for one of these ways of learning, while others use a combination of learning styles.
Have you thought about the learning styles of your students?

I was reminded just how important learning styles and learning preferences when working with students who have ASD . Using students strengths and preferences to support new learning.  All students deserve access to the best learning opportunities.
How do you see your students? Check out this video for a different perspective.


  1. Have you tried integrating PE activities into your reading programme? I love how you are promoting the inclusion of all learners and making sure everyone can find success! Keep up the great work. Rachel

    1. Rachel Colby we integrate alot of Pe activities into our reading programmes.
      We use PMP resources and Smart moves

  2. This is a great visual for the ways different ASD and all students learn. This will be very helpful for the learners in our hub.