Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Pre Writing skills

When developing early skills for writing students need to be able  form the following lines in order to be able form letter correctly.  Our student develop the skills to form these lines and shapes at different ages (chart above is an indicator) as they develop fine motor control, in hand strength and motor planning skills.

Motor planning can affect a child's handwriting in many different ways
  • figuring out how to hold the pencil and how to put it to paper
  • planning the layout of work on the page and carrying it out
  • establishing the motor memory of remembering how letters are formed
  • carrying over the memory from one task to the next

It is important our students get the opportunity to develop in-hand manipulations skills and hand strength so they can write and carry out regular classroom activities eg cutting, gluing etc.

Sometime student have difficulty carry out writing and fine motor tasks because the have poor core strength. 

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  1. You have mentioned about pre-writing line very wonderfully and it's very helpful for children. I am sure people love your article. Thanks for sharing!