Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Inquiry Focus for 2018

 I have selected the following CoL achievement challenge:

#5 Improve the achievement of students with additional needs in the learning areas of English/key competency using language symbols and texts.

Will using fine-grained assessments improve teacher capacity for setting appropriate goals for students who fail to register on standardised tests?

This year I hope to get into more Manaiakalani classrooms and support teachers with assessment of students with additional needs. Then planning appropriate goals and programmes to support the students learning.

Please book time with me if you would like help with a student.

This year my personal learning focus will be to continue to develop my skills and knowledge around language acquisition and how we can support students who have communications difficulties. This was a very common challenge for our students identified by many of my COL colleagues in 2017.

I hope to share my Inquiry and my learning journey with my blog posts.
Please feel free to ask questions and let me know what you would like more information on.


  1. Another valuable inquiry Donna. Thanks so much for sharing so openly with your colleagues. Your support is greatly appreciated.

  2. Hi Donna

    I am looking forward to your input with my students this year

    1. We can make a time - I'll give your little ones a chance to settle in , then we can make a plan.