Friday, May 26, 2017

Assessment for Learners with Special Education Needs

Narrative assessment

Narrative assessment is  for students who are expected to learn long-term within Level One of the New Zealand Curriculum .

Narrative assessment provides a rich picture of students’ skills, strengths, and learning support needs. It uses learning stories to capture progress in students’ learning, and records the often subtle interactions between the student, their learning environments, their peers, their learning support team, and their learning activities.

The use of this information to engage with parents and whānau, allows those who know the child best to collaborate in planning next steps learning as part of the child’s Individual Education Programme and plan. In this way, narrative assessment provides clear and specific reporting about the individual student’s learning, support needs, and progress.

This form of assessment fits very well with Manaiakalani pedagogy ' Learn , Create, Share' - putting our young learners at the very centre of their learning.

To learn more check out this website, or book some time with me to learn more.

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