Friday, June 9, 2017

Are we inclusive for all students?

Inclusive education is about the full participation and achievement of all learners. In fully inclusive schools, children and young people with special education needs are engaged and achieving through being present, participating and learning. 

The ERO has an evaluation indicator framework to help schools evaluate how well they are doing in supporting students with additional learning needs. 

What is an inclusive school?

At an inclusive school, all students are welcome and are able to take part in all aspects of school life. Diversity is respected and upheld. Inclusive schools believe all students are confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners and work towards this within the New Zealand Curriculum. Students’ identities, languages, abilities, and talents are recognised and affirmed and their learning needs are addressed.
This the dream! But, is it a reality for all our students?
How Inclusive is your classroom? How inclusive is your school?
What changes can we make to create a better environment for all our students to learn and experience success?
Love this statement from TKI site
As each student brings unique and diverse experiences, needs, and strengths to their learning, education systems need to be flexible and responsive to this predictable diversity, rather than expecting students to fit around a fixed system of teaching and learning.

Just another interpretation .

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