Thursday, March 15, 2018

Shared Reading Opportunities

Shared Reading Opportunities 

Impact on children’s conceptual knowledge and reasoning skills.

• Builds vocabulary and language comprehension.

• Exposes children to specific components of print and book conventions which 
  facilitates the learning of letter names, shapes and sounds

Emergent literacy print concepts should including: 
Book orientation knowledge 
• Understanding of principles involving the directional arrangement of print on the page 
• The knowledge that print, not picture, contains the story 
• Understanding of important reading terminology such as word, letter, beginning of sentence, and top of page 
• Understanding of simple punctuation marks

• Key factor is the conversation that  takes place around shared storybook reading.

Our goal is to maximise interactions page-by-page .

This a great opportunity to introduce important vocabulary and extend our children language and understanding.

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