Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Reading support - what is the goal?

Reading Support

I am currently supporting a 10 year boy with Autism and Attention Deficit disorder who is reading at a 6 year old level. He enjoys reading but does not like any written follow up task as he has limited fine motor skills.

I have made a range of activities to give him the opportunity to work on his specific reading goals without causing him too much anxiety.

The stories we have been reading have compound words . He is now very proud he can in his words read "big words" by recognise smaller words.

Word endings to encourage this young man to look at the ends of words and recognise they change eg looked, looking and read then appropriately.

     I created these to support his understanding of the new vocabulary in his new books.

I have created a book with enough pages that he can
recreate the book in sequence.
This allows us to sequence  the pictures
and discuss the story line. We can make up our own words verbally to go with the pictures.
He can match the sentence to the picture.
He can also underline the words that show answers to our questions on our laminted words.

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