Saturday, May 19, 2018

Effective in teaching.

My latest professional reading has lead me to:

"What Really Works in Special and Inclusive Education : Using evidence-based teaching strategies. Using evidence-based teaching strategies. David Mitchell.

In the Introduction David Mitchell talks about the  UK evidence that  shows teachers who are effective in teaching disadvantaged learners demonstrate skills in a 'bundle' of strategies.

At Sommerville Special School we talk about having "lots of tools in our tool box". Students with additional needs are still unique individuals with their own complex learning needs. While there is a lot more research around on best teaching practice for students with specific identified disabilities, each student is still individual learner.

The strategies mentioned in this book  include:

  • Excellent organisational skills.
  • Positive classroom climate.
  • Personalised their teaching.
  • Use of dialogic teaching and learning.
The effectiveness of your teaching is judged by:
  • the value you add to your learners' store of information, concepts, skills and values:
  • the degree of independence your learners are able to exercise in managing their own learning now and in the future;
  • the extent to which you develop a sense of well-being in learners.

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